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Getting your braces off is an exciting time, having that beautiful smile and straight teeth can build confidence that lasts a lifetime. Although at times it can be disappointing to find that your teeth are marked with chalky white patches after your braces are removed. If this has happened to you, don't worry there are several solutions that can help get your smile back to a normal white shade. Here are some helpful tips to keep your smile spotless!!

What Causes Decalcification?

It's common that people believe that braces can causes spots to appear, but in reality, they are the result of plaque build up just like any other form of tooth decay. These chalky patches or dental decalcification affect 24% of teenagers without braces. The number jumps to 50% of teenagers with braces. Even though braces are not directly responsible for causing the white spots to appear on your teeth, they can complicate the process of plaque removal.

How do you avoid Decalcification?

 The best way to prevent Decalcification is to keep your teeth clean of place. Keeping up with good Oral Hygiene during your orthodontic treatment is one of the best ways to prevent all of this. This can be done if you use a tooth brush specifically designed for orthodontic care and floss regularly. When plaque builds up on the surfaces and between your teeth, it creates acids which deplete your tooth's enamel of minerals over time. When you brush, be sure to focus on the areas that are obstructed by your brackets and wires. Make sure to pay attention to Dr. Azizi when he shows you how to brush and floss with braces. It's also important to stay away from sodas and other foods that are high in sugar and acids.

If you have any questions regarding how to brush and floss your teeth with braces, or notice any white spots that already formed on your teeth please call our office. 215-646-9514 or 215-576-6414