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For our Adult Patient's We Offer:

-Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

-Average Treatment length 6-12 Months 

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Our smiles are a big part of our identity and how we are perceived by our peers. Consider this - in a recent survey of more than 1,000 Americans (age 18 and over), 72% of the respondents agreed that people of all ages with healthy straight teeth are typically treated better in social situations than those with noticeably crooked teeth. Conversely, nearly half said that crooked teeth leave a negative first impression. With the discrete technology of CLEAR braces, it’s easier than ever to improve your smile and experience the difference.


What is the difference between Metal Braces and Clear Braces?

- When ceramic braces are used , the orthodontic methodology associated with the patient's treatment is essentially the same as that with traditional dental braces. By their nature however, the ceramic brackets that are placed do have less strength and are more brittle than their metal counterparts.


What are the Benefits of Clear Braces compared to Invisalign?

- Many pages can be writing on the differences between braces and invisalign. Both braces and the invisalign aligners are tools that permit similar alignment of teeth. Final detailing with invisalign can be time consuming and not as precise as braces. Not everyone is a candidate for invisalign, depending on their problem. Ask your orthodontist which would work best for you.


What are the Cost of Clear Braces?

- The cost of braces can vary widely, depending on a number of factors. The experience of the orthodontist you choose, the area of the country where you live, the degree of correction needed for your teeth, and other important considerations will help determine the final cost. We do Offer: No Down payment Plan, No Interest Payment Plan, Low Monthly Payment Plans. We also accept Most Insurances and we accept Major Credit Cards.


What are Clear Braces made of?

Most of the clear brackets on the market are made out of either polycrystalline or monocrystalline alumina. The primary difference between these two materials is their optical clarity. Monocrystalline alumina ceramic brackets have a more translucent (clearer) appearance where as polycrystalline brackets are more whitish (tooth-colored).

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