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Stainless steel or metal braces are the most popular type of braces.  The two core components of metal braces are brackets (pieces of specially shaped metal) and the main arch wire. Brackets are placed on the teeth and the arch wire is tied through the brackets, connecting them together.

How it works:

The archwire is specially bent to reflect the way the orthodontist wants the teeth to look when the braces are removed.

The wire will attempt to return to its original shape, placing pressure on one side of the arch wire, and then the bone on the other side gives way. That is how the teeth are moved. Small amounts of pressure.With Traditional Braces the braces can be personalized. You can choose different colors and color patterns with each visit!  

  What Does Treatment Involve??

First and Foremost, orthodontic treatment involves patience. To achieve the desired results, the patient must follow all of the orthodontist’s instructions and practice good oral hygiene.

Dr. Azizi, provides custom-made braces,retainers and appliances, according to the problem being treated. All orthodontic appliances have

a common purpose—to use gentle pressure to move teeth and jaws into their proper positions.


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