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Question: What are Braces?
Brackets are a small square or round attachment placed on each tooth during specific stages of orthodontic treatment and are commonly known as braces. They may be made from:
  • Nickle Titanium
  • Silver
  • Acrylic or porcelain
  • Composite
    Brackets are temporarily cemented to the front of your tooth with cement that contains fluoride to protect the tooth surface. If the bracket comes off the tooth, that specific tooth is no longer moving. This may delay treatment time if its not replaced in a timely manner. Some instances that cause the bracket to "break off" are:

  • Eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods, and biting with your front teeth.
  • Habits such as fingernail biting or chewing on pen or pencil.

As you progress through your treatment, the way your teeth bite together may change. In some cases, this may also cause a bracket to “pop off.”

The bracket has a small space horizontally through the middle, to allow the archwire to fit into it. Some brackets may have an extra attachment called a ball hook to allow for the use of other elastics or attachments.

The archwire is secured to the brackets with little rubber elastics that are available in many colors, a continuous chain of elastics, or metal ties.


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