Interceptive Orthodontics for Children


What Can Phase I, Interceptive Treatment Achieve?

"Window of opportunity" during Growth
Decreased need to extract permanent teeth
Avoid/reduce need for facial/oral surgery
Correct harmful habits
Decreased risk of tooth Trauma
Increase Compliance
Maximize benefit of Orthodontic Treatment

Call our office today for a complimentary Consult If you notice any of the Following in your Child!

- Early or Late Loss of baby teeth

- Difficulty in Chewing or Breathing

- Facial imbalance

- Mouth Breathing

- Jaws that Shift or makes Sounds

- Grinding or Clenching Teeth

- Speech Difficulty

- Oral Habits ( Finger or Thumb Sucking habit)


Younger Children don't always need treatment, but early observation and routine monitoring can help protect your child's smile as it develops. Dr. Azizi may recommend an early phase of Braces, or a noninvasive appliance Treatment, Phase I Treatment,  to assist in the growth and development of your child's Teeth & Jaws.

We all want to protect our children's precious smiles. Even if your children still have some of their baby teeth left, it is not too early for them to visit the orthodontist. Along with the American Association of Orthodontist, we recommend children receive their first Orthodontic screening by age 7. Early Screenings allow us to recognize potential issues and address them before they become a problem.

We Create a warm, Family friendly environment that Caters to you and your young ones. To do that, we feature the latest in digital technology, which minimizes exposure to radiation.





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